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Persistent VISION

Patsime Cultural Arts Center
A place where community and friendship
meet through music.

Patsime: Shona word for "at the well." (Pronounced Pot-see-may)
Main ethnic group in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.


Do you live in the Cleveland area? Interested in playing or learning to play
Zimbabwean marimba? email: info at patsime dot com

Reading music not required. North American Zimbabwean marimba bands
often use a combination of 7 marimbas ranging in size from soprano to bass.
Some have likened the sound to that of a steel drum band.

What does a Zimbabwean marimba band sound like? here are a few excerpts below:

Baba wa baya




Tauri Zvenyu

Baya wa baya and Nyamamusango arranged by Claire Jones, PhD, musical director of Vawachi.

email: info at