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Dress in layers


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Hwange Nat'l Park



Kim Foley of Persistent VISION
has more than 15 years experience in
designing and creating curriculum and
traditional and interactive media
on film, video, videodisc, CD-ROM, and the Web
and is now doing something different.

Foley, K. A. (1990). Preferences Recorded in Parallel Shoot, American Cinematographer Magazine, May 1990, 85-89.

MIT Masters Thesis
Viewer Perception of Film vs. Video in Light of HDTV

used to do web design and computer tutoring.
Persistent VISION does the rest.

Selling Mangoes, Zimbabwe
January 2007

Phelp's Lake, Grand Teton National Park
June 2000 36Kb

Hiking in the White Mountains, N.H.


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