*Temperate Forest Biome Field Trip


Temperate Forest Biome for Young Children
By Monica Greenberg

Young children are in tune with their environment. They notice the seasonal changes occurring around them and studying the temperate forest biome or deciduous forest presents a meaningful way to engage them in a variety of cross curricular learning activities.

The following areas can be explored through looking at the temperate forest biome:

  • The unique characteristics that define the temperate forest biome.
  • The animals that live in the temperate forest.
  • The seasonal changes that occur in the forest.
  • The relationship humans have with the forest.
  • The responsibility humans have to protect the plants and animals in the forest.

The web sites I have chosen for this adventure will teach young children about the defining characteristics of a temperate forest biome. They will learn how and why deciduous trees change through the cycle of the seasons, and become familiar with the interdependence between people and the forest. Many of these sites are lessons just by themselves and many contain exciting interactive activities.


  • To be able to identify and define a deciduous tree.
  • To learn the defining characteristics of the deciduous forest biome.
  • To explain why deciduous trees change through the passing seasons.
  • To understand the interdependence between the plants and animals in the forest.
  • To know that people use many products that come from trees.
  • To discuss what it means to act responsibly when enjoying nature.
  • To develop an appreciation for our environment.

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