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Aurora Borealis

Grand Canyon

Great Barrier Reef

Mt. Everest

  • Neuro-behavioral tests for mountaing climbers. These tests are given enroute to the summit to make sure the mental abilities of the climbers are not faltering.
  • NOVA's Everest History NOVA's timeline of Mt. Everest. Be sure to check out the "Birth of the Himalaya" link.
  • Maps of the Himalayas
  • Everest News Everest facts, expedition links, book recommendations, discussion groups and news can be found at this site.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Victoria Falls/Zimbabwe

Other Seven Wonders Lists


Lesson Plans and More

  • K-12 African Studies (Ali Dinar)
    These resources are suitable for K-12 teaching about Africa, and include African curriculum materials (see Appendix A for a sample menu), sample lesson plans (see Appendix B), library resources (see Appendix C), film reviews (see Appendix D), model lessons (See Appendix E), African history, African languages, teaching resources about Africa, and Africa in the Diaspora.

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