The Big Pocket Guide to
Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips

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Chapter 3. Using Virtual Field Trips in the Classroom

3.1 Ratio of Students to Computer

That's Not a Drinking Fountain

How to Thrive -- Not Just Survive -- in a One-Computer Classroom


3.2 Monitoring Usage

Usage Updates (9 Rules for Safe Use by Susan Brooks-Young)

Acceptable Use Policies: A Handbook

ALA’s CIPA Web Site - Info About the Children's Internet Protection Act

(If necessary, click this link twice to see the content page.)

Internet Usage Updates, Usage and Population Statistics

Kid-safe Search Engines
Ask For Kids

SafeKids.Com Kids’ Pledge

Teachers' Guide


3.3 Standards

Education World: National & State Standards by Category


The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

National Science Education Standards

National Standards for United States History

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

Washington State's Essential Academic Learning Requirements


3.4 Is it True?

Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Critical Evaluation of a Web Site

Critical Evaluation Survey: Virtual Tours

Developing Critical Thinking Skills on the Net
Also provides good food for thought.

Teaching Zack to Think


3.5 Learning Assessment

Ready Made Rubrics

Rubrics Library

Technology in the Classroom: Games or Learning Tools?

The Ten Stages to Web-Use Nirvana (You may have to scroll down the page to see the article.)


3.6 Your Connection to the Web

Tramline's Field Trips Site

Permission Slip (for younger students)


3.7 Integrating Virtual Field Trips into Your Classroom

3.8 Notes From the Field


3.9 Examples & Tools

Examples of how educators are using Virtual Field Trips in their classrooms.

Very Basic Field Trip Log

Sample Field Trip Log (You can use this as a template and adapt it for your trips.)

Virtual Field Trip Guidelines, by Walter McKenzie

Following are some tools you may use in conjunction with Virtual Field Trips.

Field Notebook for Geology Trip

Virtual Field Trip Diary Examples


3.10 Virtual Field Trips and Homeschooling

Homeschool World

Oceans Field Trip


3.11 Rainforest Field Trip Lesson Plan

Rainforest Field Trip

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