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the Big Pocket Guide to Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips

Wow…to finally be able to go on a field trip without worrying about the cost, transportation, permission, weather, time of year or location! Virtual field trips are the perfect way to immerse your students in learning and to enrich the curriculum without actually having to leave the classroom. Even if you aren't a whiz in technology, you will be off and traveling soon! Have a safe and exciting trip!

Terry Trubiano
Educational Consultant & Former Elementary School Teacher
Upper Arlington School District, Columbus, Ohio

I found the book very "user friendly" and easy to understand. The book gave me an extreme amount of information on what a virtual field trip was and how easy it was to create a virtual field trip for your classroom. The book also gave several super examples of field trip. Just an overall awesome book.

Julie Turnage, Teacher
Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, Louisiana

The decentralized nature of the Web makes it both powerful and chaotic. Virtual Field Trips evolved as a way to harness this power while imposing some structure and organization. However, in the absence of any definite guidelines, we have a confusing array of tools and product, which makes it challenging for a newcomer to enter this world. The Big Pocket Guide to Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips is an excellent introduction to the subject. The book can make an informed expert out of you, even if you have never created or used virtual field trips before. It is a must-read if you are planning to enter the exciting world of virtual tours.

Kunal Sen, Ph.D., Director of Online Technologies
Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., Chigago, Illinois

Having frequently been lost in the web of Internet sources, I am grateful to find a book that offers easy-to-understand guidelines for creating virtual field trips. I'll be reaching for this book often, as it is a great source of inspiration for connecting my students to the wealth of information on the Internet.

Colleen King, Teacher
Spokane City School District, Spokane, Washington

Virtual field trips has provided the future teachers in science education a very valuable guide to wonderful teaching strategy.

John Macdonald, Sessional Instructor
University of Regina, Regina, Sask., Canada

I have placed one of your books along with my program outline for the use of Virtual Field Trips in each of our seven Kane County schools. …teachers have made comments to me that they found the book helpful assuring success…. One teacher said, "I sent my students on a trip to the Rain Forest, and they had a blast." Another teacher asked for resources for her French Class. I showed her the Windows on the World trip and she became very excited about using the site in her class. She felt secure that the book could guide her in developing her class strategy. I find the book easy to read, helpful in explaining specific details about each tour, and avoiding pitfalls that frustrate the novice computer person.

Kay Willardson
Kane County School District, Kanab, Utah

The Big Pocket Guide to Using and Creating Virtual Field Trips provides an excellent introduction to Virtual Field Trips and the enhancement they bring to learning. The practical book includes savvy yet simply stated tips and tricks for balancing available electronic resources, advance planning, implementation, and assessment of virtual field trips. This is an excellent resource. I was very impressed with the types of information provided and the depth of detail given.

Sherri Donovan, Instructional Design & Research Grand Rapids, Michigan


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