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Welcome to FIELDTRIP, the Internet discussion list devoted to the topic of Virtual Field Trips in education.

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In 1996 many of us were still learning about the existence of and becoming acquainted with the Web. In the past few years, the sophistication of users has increased but so has the chaos. There is a great need for good tools to organize and make meaningful the vast amount of material found on the Web and virtual field trips have become recognized as one tool for doing so. They can take a classroom Internet experience and provide context and focus, utilizing existing resources in a way that takes the best of the Web and makes it work for us.

If you do a search on the Web for "virtual field trip" you will come up with a list of hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Where do you begin? How do you select appropriate trips for your students? What should you look for? This discussion serves as a place to find answers to these questions and more. It will be an ongoing discussion for educators who want to integrate VFTs into their educational plans and

  • provide a place to share info about VFTs they've used
  • discuss what works and doesn't with VFTs in the classroom
  • share ideas for creating VFTs
  • share lesson plan ideas to accompany VFTs
  • present ideas for how students can create VFTs to fulfill homework obligations in the same way they might create a written report.

Although this list has been set up for use by educators, anyone is welcome to join. During the initial trial phase of this list, the discussion will not be moderated, although should it become necessary we will reconsider.



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