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If the idea of creating a Virtual Field Trip seems daunting, then you haven't experienced TourMaker! This software is so easy to use! Your finished field trips run on all popular browsers! You can integrate your own custom web pages as part of your field trip! YOu can customize a field trip individualized for student learning! And you can run your trips from a web site OR your local computer!

Virtual field trips created with TourMaker© have a consistent, professional, and easy to navigate format that prevents students from getting "lost in cyberspace." TourMaker© is incredibly easy to learn and easy to use.

Licensing the Software

Tramline provides several different license options. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Educational Licenses

Schools and school districts can make TourMaker© available to teachers and students on a widespread basis by purchasing an educational license. We offer two different educational licensing options, a Multi-Station License, and our newly available District-Wide License, both described below. With an educational license, Tours created with TourMaker can be run off a school Web site or the hard drive of a classroom computer. Teachers can prepare dynamic presentations that guide students safely through the Internet, and students can use it to present their projects to the class or the world!

School or District Logos/Symbols
Besides all of TourMakerís standard features, Educational licenses include a feature that allows you to put your school or district logo/symbol (or any graphic you choose) on the Tour window so anyone using one of your studentsí or teachersí tours on the World Wide Web can identify it as coming from your school or district.

TourMaker District-Wide Educational License

If you're interested in purchasing TourMaker site-wide then you may want to consider our newly available District-Wide License. This option is available for district-wide purchases only and renewable on an annual basis. All computers must be the property of the purchasing school or district.

TourMaker Multi-Station Educational License

Our Multi-Station License allows you to buy as few or as many copies as you need. If you aren't ready to buy district-wide, this is the option for you. All computers must be the property of the purchasing school or district.

See pricing or buy now at our store.

Personal License

The Personal Version of TourMaker© is available for non-commercial use by individuals only. A single-copy license allows the creation on a single PC of an unlimited number of tours that will run over the Internet on both MAC and Windows machines. To order the Personal Version, click here.

Commercial License

If you are interested in commercial applications of TourMaker, contact us at:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our aim is to keep this site free to educators and everyone else. In order to achieve this goal, Tramline is seeking sponsors and advertisers to support ongoing development of new field trips and maintenance of the site. If you or anyone you know is interested, please send e-mail to .

Thank you!
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