Benefits of Virtual Field Trips made with TourMaker©

Is safe Internet travel an issue in your classroom? Do you have a limited budget for on-site field trips? If you're interested in using the Web to educate, you can't beat the advantages of TourMaker© Virtual Field Trips.

TourMaker Virtual Field Trips organize the chaos of the web into thematic, subject-specific units!

Field trips created with TourMaker© provide an organized way to present Internet information, save hours of searching, provide contextual information about each visited web site, allow simple navigation from one site to the next, and allow students to follow links without fear of getting lost because they can always get back to the trip with one click of a button!

  • Stop numbers and Trip Itinerary are always available so you always know where you are within the field trip!
  • Allows you to integrate custom HTML files into your virtual field trips
  • Can run field trips from your local hard disk or your site's server
  • Easy-to-use and always visible Control Panel keeps students on track and prevents them from getting "lost in cyberspace!"
  • Provides a space for custom teacher instructions about each visited web site!
  • Students can easily create their own Internet presentations!
  • Students can use trips both in the classroom and on their own
  • Finished trips run on both Mac and Windows platforms on all popular browsers
  • Trips can be individualized for student learning
  • Web-based field trips allows global sharing of resources
  • Allows both random and sequential access to web sites so students can revisit specific sites
  • Control Panel Load button simulates high bandwidth (FAST!) connection



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